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Having an organized notebook where you can find certain notes easily can be a game changer in the outcome of your study sessions. For that reason, the following post will share some tips so your notebooks can stay organized and help you study successfully.

How to Organize Your Notebooks

Have One for Each Subject

Unless you want to spend your time looking for the right notes when you should be studying, have a notebook and folder for each of your subjects and use them accordingly.

Write a Title and Date

Again, if you want to be effective, you should make your notes easy to find. Write down a title and the date for each of your lessons, to avoid confusion during your study sessions.

Avoid Loose Papers

If you can help it, you shouldn't rip out pages from your notebook. You shouldn't save loose papers in it either, since they may end up getting lost (use your folder instead).

Keep Them Clean

Doodles, mistakes, and general filth, can take your focus away from your lessons when you're going through your notes. Keep clean notebooks to prevent this from happening.

Make an Index

Lastly, keep your notebooks that much more organized by making an index. Write a number on each page, and note which lesson is on what page in the back so that you can locate your notes easily.

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